Kombucha fermentation kit

Kombucha Fermentation Kit Plus 3x Glass Bottles

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The Easiest Way to Make Kombucha at Home

Thea Kombucha Co. brings you the best kombucha home-brewing kit that is specifically made for kombucha continuous fermentation with minimal handling and easy pouring directly into bottles.  Complete with 3 wide-mouth glass bottles and an adhesive thermometer that indicates the perfect temperature for kombucha fermentation. 

Included in our Kombucha Kit

  • Kombucha Fermentation Hand-Blown Glass Pitcher (2 Liter)
  • 3x 18oz Glass Bottles
  • Kombucha Fermentation Thermometer
  • Bamboo Storage Lid
  • Stainless Steel Strainer
  • Breathable Fermentation Cover
  • Removable Spout Cover

Live culture & bottles not included.