The Easiest Way to Make Real Kombucha at Home

how to make kombucha


Ingredients for Making Kombucha

  • 8 Cups of Water
  • 4 Bags Black or Green Tea Bags (or loose leaf tea)
  • 1/2 Cup of Sugar (white or brown)
  • 1 Pack of Kombucha Seed™


1.  Brew Your Favorite Black or Green Tea

Boil 8 cups of water and use 4 tea bags of green or black tea

Tea is the base for your kombucha, and contains a variety of nutrients that promote the growth of a symbiotic colony of good bacteria and yeast (also know as a "SCOBY").  We recommend starting with black tea, as that is the traditional recipe and provides the most nutrients, however any true leaf tea will work. It is important to avoid herbal teas such as chamomile or ginseng, and flavored teas such as Chai or Earl Gray. These lack vital nutrients for the beneficial bacteria and yeast to thrive, and may be flavored with oils and other additives that can hurt the fermentation process.


2.  Add Sugar & Let Your Tea Cool Down

While your tea is still hot, stir in ½ cup of sugar until completely dissolved

We recommend using organic cane sugar, however plain brown or white sugar will work just fine. The sugar provides fuel for the fermentation to begin.  Let the tea cool until it is room temperature BEFORE adding the packet of Kombucha Starter Seed.


3.  Add Kombucha Starter Seed™

Pour the cooled tea in a glass jar, then add The Kombucha Starter Seed™ to the tea.


4.  Fermentation

Cover the glass jar with a cloth or coffee filter and secure with a rubber band. Leave the covered jar at room temperature while fermentation takes place.

On day 3, remove the Kombucha Starter Seed™ pouch, discard, then cover your batch again. On day 7, you should begin to see a thin ivory colored layer forming on the top of your tea. This will form into your new SCOBY which transforms your tea into kombucha.


5.  Taste Your Kombucha!

Once your SCOBY has formed a layer across the top, taste your kombucha.  It should taste slightly tart.  The longer you ferment, the more tart it will become.  Your kombucha is now ready to drink or store.

Make sure to always keep a bit of your kombucha and your new SCOBY after your first batch. These can be used for unlimited batches by simply adding fresh tea and sugar and following the same process every seven days!