Thea Kombucha Co. - Denver, Colorado

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Thea Kombucha Co. is a Denver, Colorado based biotech start-up that is revolutionizing the way kombucha tea enthusiasts make the effervescent probiotic drink at home.

The company has developed the easiest way to make the fermented tea at home by creating a first of its kind quick-activating dry blend of yeast & probiotics required for making kombucha from scratch.  The product is called Kombucha Starter Seed™ and it guarantees a successful batch of kombucha in only 7 days without the need of "starter fluid" or a "SCOBY".

The highly reliable dry blend of yeast & probiotics is 100% natural and made without the use of synthetic ingredients. The unique process that Thea Kombucha Co. has developed to create the innovative product allows the Kombucha Starter Seed™ to have a long shelf life and makes the kombucha home-brewing process much quicker, reliable, and safer.

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