How to Make Kombucha

Thea Kombucha Co. Makes it Easy to Make Kombucha at Home

Ever wonder how to make kombucha at home instead of buying the $4 bottles at the store?  Making your own kombucha is much easier and than you think and our Kombucha Starter Seed makes the process much faster and reliable.

The process for making kombucha is simple, but requires a kombucha SCOBY for fermentation.  The SCOBY is the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast that transforms the regular tea into kombucha.  With the Kombucha Starter Seed, you actually make your own SCOBY in just 7-10 days your new SCOBY enables you to continuously brew a fresh batch of kombucha each week!

How to Make Kombucha Infographic

We have put together a quick guide for making kombucha at home from scratch.  Click below to download and share.

how to make kombucha guide

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  • I would be interested to know how I would best preserve my SCOBY if I do not directly want to start a new fermentation process. Should I put it in the fridge? Better airtight or giving it air?
    Thank you very much for our tipps.
    Best, Denis


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